2016-06-21 vanreinMerge pull request #3 from leenaars/master
2016-06-20 Michiel LeenaarsAdded missing DESTDIR
2016-06-20 Rick van ReinCreated a Makefile with all / install / clean / uninsta...
2016-03-10 Rick van ReinAdded imports / exports support
2016-03-05 Rick van ReinIntroduced Quick DER code generation
2016-02-28 Rick van ReinFirst stab at code generation for Quick DER
2016-02-02 unknownMore repeatable header for autogenerated files
2016-02-02 unknownAdd version available at runtime
2016-01-31 Michael MatticeSort assignments by name to make output repeatable
2015-12-22 Kim GrasmanUpdate to match changed pyasn1gen.
2015-12-22 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #29 from james-ward/sema-autotag
2015-12-21 Kim GrasmanRemove outdated TODO
2015-12-19 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #28 from viraptor/extra_strings
2015-12-19 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #25 from viraptor/proper_setup
2015-12-18 Stanisław PituchaAdd more string types
2015-12-17 Stanisław PituchaInstall script and dependencies
2015-11-22 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #23 from james-ward/choice-tag
2015-11-22 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #21 from james-ward/multi-module
2015-10-09 James WardAdd automatic tags.
2015-10-08 James WardAllow multi-module processing.
2015-10-07 James WardTagged CHOICEs must be explicit if the default is impli...
2015-06-11 Kim GrasmanSet dev version.
2015-06-11 Kim GrasmanFix issue #18: VisibleString bug
2015-03-15 Kim GrasmanBump to unique dev version.
2015-03-14 Kim GrasmanUpdate copyright years.
2015-03-14 Kim GrasmanReformat and add short blurb on tested Python versions.
2015-03-14 Kim GrasmanBump version to 0.5 to prepare for release.
2015-03-14 Kim GrasmanAdd pip requirements files.
2015-02-01 Kim GrasmanMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-01 Kim GrasmanFix issue 11: respect module tag defaults.
2015-02-01 Kim GrasmanRename Huawei CDR testdata.
2014-12-13 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #16 from fzonneveld/issue15_BIT_STRI...
2014-12-13 Frank ZonneveldFixed issue 15, BIT STRING in constructed types
2014-11-10 Kim GrasmanFix issue 10.
2014-11-01 Kim GrasmanInline any_defined_by clause and trim whitespace in...
2014-10-28 Frank ZonneveldAdded ANY type.
2014-07-27 Kim GrasmanSupport for selection types.
2014-07-27 Kim GrasmanFix issue #1: All constraints are now code-genned.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanCorrectly construct univ.BitString from bstring/hstring...
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanFix bug where self.constraint was sometimes never set.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanTests for OCTET STRING values.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanUse Optional instead of empty.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanSwitch exponent rule to use CaselessLiteral.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanRemove redundant constraint rule.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanForce Unix line endings.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanSupport value-range and single-value constraints for...
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanRemove scary comment.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanProper grammar for REAL values.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanFix so size constraints generate ValueSizeConstraint...
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanOnly generate _OID helper if necessary.
2014-07-26 Kim GrasmanSupport BIT STRING types without enumerators.
2014-07-25 Kim GrasmanFix bugs in name translation.
2014-07-25 Kim GrasmanBetter type and value name sanitization.
2014-07-25 Kim GrasmanSupport size and single-value constraints on some types.
2014-07-25 Kim GrasmanParse and ignore external value references.
2014-07-25 Kim GrasmanParse and ignore external type references.
2014-07-24 Kim GrasmanAdd new public standard definition.
2014-07-24 Kim GrasmanTest case for circular assignment dependencies.
2014-07-22 Kim GrasmanFix issue #8 -- Cyclic references.
2014-06-02 Kim GrasmanAdd batch file for PyPI publishing.
2014-06-02 Kim GrasmanAdd classifiers and bump version.
2014-06-02 Kim GrasmanRename README.rst -> README.txt
2014-06-02 Kim GrasmanAdd explicit source file encoding to
2014-04-14 Kim GräsmanMerge pull request #7 from rasky/master
2014-04-14 Giovanni BajoFormatting
2014-04-14 Giovanni BajoUse Unique() function
2014-04-08 Giovanni BajoAdd support for ENUMERATED in identifier-only form
2014-01-06 Kim GrasmanReorder builtin translations.
2014-01-06 Kim GrasmanSupport for hex string literals.
2014-01-05 Kim GrasmanFix up comment.
2014-01-05 Kim GrasmanHandle BinaryStringValue in codegen.
2014-01-04 Kim GrasmanSimplify grammar to more correctly parse bstrings.
2014-01-04 Kim GrasmanDisallow empty file.
2014-01-04 Kim GrasmanRename test data.
2014-01-03 Kim GrasmanSupport for binary string literals.
2014-01-02 Kim GrasmanSupport extension markers in ENUMERATED.
2014-01-01 Kim GrasmanSupport IA5String type.
2014-01-01 Kim GrasmanSupport for multiple module definitions in the same...
2014-01-01 Kim GrasmanIgnore todo.txt
2013-10-09 Kim GrasmanRemove trailing-semicolon extension.
2013-09-21 Kim GrasmanAllow empty module body. Sema now sees exports, imports...
2013-09-20 Kim GrasmanFlow IMPORTS and EXPORTS through to sema. Not used...
2013-09-20 Kim GrasmanUse EXPORTS ALL; instead of EXPORTS EVERYTHING;
2013-09-20 Kim GrasmanMake semicolons required in IMPORTS and EXPORTS.
2013-09-20 JohnTESladeSupport both import and export in same file
2013-09-20 JohnTESladeSupport ASN1 with EXPORTS
2013-09-20 JohnTESladeAdd bash testing script
2013-09-03 Kim GrasmanCodegen actual useful.ObjectDescriptor type, now suppor...
2013-08-29 Kim GrasmanSupport PrintableString.
2013-08-29 Kim GrasmanSupport NumericString.
2013-08-29 Kim GrasmanAdd note on semantic analysis to TODO list.
2013-08-28 Kim GrasmanUpdate README on grammar weaknesses.
2013-08-28 Kim GrasmanSupport Useful types and their values.
2013-08-28 Kim GrasmanChange from BUG to EXT for extensions to the spec
2013-08-28 Kim GrasmanFix restricted integer type.
2013-08-28 Kim GrasmanBasic pre-commit check.
2013-08-28 Kim GrasmanRevert 6 commits 4e05c5b20c-c25aac2b27
2013-08-27 Kim GrasmanSupport for GeneralizedTime and UTCTime
2013-08-25 Kim GrasmanFix restricted integer type. Now works all the way...
2013-08-25 Kim GrasmanRemove commented out grammar rule.