descriptionIPv6 everywhere: 6bed4 built into a subclass of Java's DatagramSocket
ownerRick van Rein
last changeFri, 28 Dec 2012 19:41:50 +0000 (20:41 +0100)
2012-12-28 Rick van Rein[maven-release-plugin] prepare release nl.openfortress... master
2012-12-28 Rick van ReinYet another attempt of pom.xml
2012-12-28 Rick van ReinAnother stab at preparing Mvn upload
2012-12-28 Rick van ReinNew attempt at POM checkin
2012-12-28 root[maven-release-plugin] prepare release nl.openfortress...
2012-12-28 Rick van Reinstxerr
2012-12-28 Rick van ReinUpdate pom.xml for release to Central Repository
2012-12-27 Rick van ReinUpdate, notably prefixed domain to groupId.
2012-12-23 Rick van ReinFirst version for general use. No servers at fixed...
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