descriptionTLS Pool: System-central TLS connection management
ownerRick van Rein
last changeTue, 30 Jul 2019 08:33:04 +0000 (10:33 +0200)
2019-07-30 Rick van ReinIntegration doc for containers and systemd master
2019-07-20 vanreinMerge pull request #133 from hfmanson/apache-mod
2019-07-20 Henri Mansonclient .p12 certificate, PGP removed from TLS 1.3
2019-05-25 vanreinMerge pull request #130 from hfmanson/select
2019-05-24 Henri Mansontimeout needs to reinitialized before each select
2019-05-24 vanreinMerge pull request #129 from hfmanson/select
2019-05-24 Henri Mansonset eset inside while
2019-05-24 Henri Mansonselect timeout, break on exception on any selected fd
2019-05-24 Henri Mansonclient fd exception
2019-05-21 vanreinMerge pull request #128 from arpa2/bug-fixes
2019-05-21 Rick van ReinMade configuration depend on CMake variables
2019-05-02 Rick van ReinUpdated TLS Pool to the newest Quick DER
2019-05-02 Rick van ReinReverting infoprint that wrongly suggests a bug
2019-05-02 Rick van ReinFix in the (default, commented) quantum_proof_ variables
2019-04-29 vanreinMerge pull request #125 from hfmanson/master
2019-04-28 Henri Mansonshow local and remote id affter tlspool_starttls return
22 months ago master