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ownerRick van Rein
last changeSat, 3 Aug 2019 12:16:24 +0000 (12:16 +0000)
2019-08-03 Rick van ReinMade pcscio optional master
2019-07-18 Rick van ReinAdded mbusio, a client for Modbus TCP
2019-05-14 Rick van ReinAdded CMakeLists.txt -- kept old Makefile
2019-03-01 Rick van ReinUse derdump without colored module and still present...
2019-02-25 Rick van ReinImproved printing: Correction of INTEGER bug, add ENUME...
2019-02-23 Rick van ReinColor output for derdump (after "pip install colored")
2019-02-02 Rick van ReinMade hexin and hexout prompts adapt to isatty()
2016-08-29 Rick van ReinIssue #1, proper display for negative INTEGER values...
2016-05-19 Rick van ReinPrepared hexio for somewhat less ad hoc environments.
2016-02-11 System AdministratorAdded OID and INTEGER interpretation to
2016-02-11 System AdministratorAdded, a fault-tolerant developer-friendly...
2013-12-01 Rick van ReinHexadecimal and device-level I/O utilities
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